Quick Tips For Healthy Dating

Here you will find a ton of tips as I will continue to add to this list as we go through our life experience together.

1. Ask questions to understand and not to insult.

2. Don’t make fun of an accent, unless of course you are being cheeky and cute.  If that’s the case, then make sure you have something positive to go with it.

3. He may be smarter.  America may be powerful, but the smartest people are coming from various countries around the world.

4. Show interest.

5. Have adventure.

6. Learn a few words in another language.

7. Investigate your date’s culture a little bit, so you have some information to work with.

8. Tell your date about your culture.

9. Share your experience.

10. Be honest.

11. It is okay to be shocked about things. I remember my love’s shock about eating oxtail and I am still shocked about eating a sheep’s head.

12. Live the life you want.

13. Avoid stereotypes.

14. Focus on your relationship, not what everyone else says.

15. Experiment.

16. Know that there is more than one way of doing something.

17.  Talk.

18. You should figure out if the dating pace is a certain way. Some cultures take it really slow. Don’t assume that kissing on the first, second, or even third date is appropriate.

19.  Find out what the values are for individual and for their culture or faith.

20. If there are any points that are dealbreakers for you…let it be known well in advance.  For example, if you know that you are not comfortable to bring this mate around your family, then you might want to check yourself and make sure that this is an adventure you want to take.

21. Don’t play games. It doesn’t work!  Now if you want to play board games…count me in!

22. If people stare at you, assume the best.  Maybe they haven’t seen such a beautiful couple.  Let them stare and smile back!

23. Try not to get trapped in the stereotypes. 

24. Interracial dating makes you smarter.

25. You will learn things you never thought about before.

26. Think globally.

27. Always be yourself.

28. Have self confidence.

29. Relax

30. Know your worth

31. Force yourself to know more about your culture and history, if you didn’t care to know before.  Your date may ask you questions about your culture or faith.

32. There is a lot of info among other races that you could be missing. Check out comedian Bill Burr’s