Traveling As An Interracial Couple


We traveled through 12 countries together and I can say that we LOVE to travel and I can share with you how we get through our adventures no matter what.  We both have an open mind. If you have been following this blog for awhile, then you know that I keep saying that being open creates peace and more harmony AND love.

I get excited when I see other interracial couples hanging out, especially when I travel abroad.  In most cases though, the interracial couples I see are also travelers from the North America.  As I traveled through Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, I didn’t see any interracial couples that were native to land.  That could be a for a few reasons, which would all be assumptions on my part.  The simple and obvious statement is that there is less diversity outside of North America.  We can’t expect to see a lot of interracial couples, so we might stand out in some countries.  It won’t necessarily be bad, but we might have to get used to people looking because it is still sort of unusual in some places.

Interracial couples used to take into consideration, safe places for interracial couples to travel.  Couples had to plan which highways were safe to drive and what road stops were the most suitable.  We know racism still exists in the world and there may still be some areas in the world where couples have to decide whether they feel welcome or not. I am happy to report that so far, we have received nothing, but love wherever we have gone. People have looked at us here and there, but I believe it is because we look interesting. Really, it is true.  I don’t mind people looking at us because I would look at us if I didn’t see couples like us very often. I would look with love and interest to no more about their life.

For our travel adventures, we usually look for a deal and we are quiet spontaneous.   We like to look online for the best deals and bids and we go where we can score an awesome experience with culture and indulge in great food.  We look at blogs and Tripadvisor for sights to see and things to do.  Usually my husband leaves it to me to pick the places I want to see. Since we are a casual, easy going couple with no kids, we are super flexible and we sometimes roll with the punches.

I love looking at pictures and often look at Instagram pics of the cities we are going to. No matter where we go, we have an open mind because we are expecting something different.  We are different from each other and we welcome differences because that creates a colorful life. A life that is filled with more beauty. So that’s it, just have an open mind when you travel. You have to have an open mind with each other and with the people that you interact with. Travel smart and always be safe.