When You Don’t Understand Your Partner

understand each other

How to understand your partner

Are you ever in the middle of a conversation and then realize that your partner just doesn’t understand you?  What do you do in that situation?  There are few options and I would like to guide you through an effective way to handle the situation.

  1. Check Yourself.  Figure out your thoughts before you express them and share openly with love. You have to be ready to explain what you mean instead of quickly shutting down the conversation.
  2. Ask if your partner understands what you are explaining.  Your partner may not say that they don’t understand, so you need to ask if what you are saying makes sense.  If it is not clear. Try another way to explain things and use examples.
  3. Remember that everything is within context.  Have your partner understand why your view is important to you.  Once he/she has that context they may have more consideration for your thoughts.

What ideas come to mind after reading this? Go ahead and share.



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