Color Blind or Color Aware

Ice Cream Party

I often hear people say that race does not matter and that they do not see color.  They say “I am colorblind” or use #colorblind in their social media posts. This comes with great intentions, I’m sure of it.  For me, I prefer to say that I see color. Now let me tell you why and what this means for me.

I embrace my black race. My parents came from Africa and I therefore am African and share a North American culture with my heritage.  Everywhere I go, I am black.  My husband is Iranian. He looks Iranian to me, but when we travel especially to Spanish speaking countries, people seem to think he has Latin heritage.  Needless to say we stand out.  I’m okay with that.  People see what they see.  There is no blindness happening here.

The world was created with a variety of nature and wonder, which includes humankind.   We exist in different shapes, sizes, and color and it is evident and beautiful.  God created color. We learn from an early age about primary colors and mixing color palettes to create even more bright, bold, dark, and fancy colors.  We must see color, embrace, experience and show off the beauty of all colors.  I choose to be color aware because I lack if I choose not to see color.

In good faith, I know what people mean, when they say they are color blind. They are simply stating that they will not discriminate and they have love for all people.  I think it is important that we not ignore the colors (the races) that exist. It is real, so let’s keep it real and talk about race.  Don’t avoid that we are different. Instead let our differences bring us together.

Love for all race and color,



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