How to Deal With an Argument

You both grew up in a different household with different cultures.  Now when you come together, you may notice that certain things annoy you about your partner.  So what should you do?

I remember we had a recent dispute about time management and how I manage my time.  Funny enough, my husband doesn’t manage his time perfectly either, but he makes it a point to let me know that I can do better.  While he is right, I still want to debate about how wrong he is. I grew up with a laid back mentality.  So I take things at the pace that I want to complete something.  I am organized in my own way.  He is always in a rush to get things done.

Here are some tips on how to have a decent discussion rather than shouting and spewing crazy things at each other when you face a disagreement about a certain matter.

  1. Listen to each other carefully.
  2. Give each other a chance to respond with no interruptions.
  3. Speak with love.
  4. Remember all the positive things about each other and say them too.
  5. You do not have to agree on everything, but you should respect each other and found a happy place to heal and move on from the matter.




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