Step Inside Another Culture

I had a dream about inviting a stranger into my home.  I am trying to analyze it and figure out what it means.  The stranger in my dream was a homeless man that I often spoke to and became friendly with.  One fine day, he asked me the following question: “If we are really friends, why don’t you invite me to your home?”

This question has me thinking today.  Is there someone in my life that I need to get closer with and that includes inviting them to my home?  Is there someone in your life that you could get closer with?  So often, we spend time talking casually with people and we call them our friends, but we never invite them into our home.  I believe that when you are able to share your space with someone that is the time when the true friendship begins.

When people that you want to share your life with come into your home, they really get to know you. They see how you live and what is important to you.  Getting to know someone of a different culture is very much the same.  You have to step into the culture to truly experience it and understand it better.  When you are dating someone of another culture, it is not enough to say that you are open to dating people of another culture.  It is more to say that you connect and the only way to connect is by doing.  Attend important events, participate in activities, learn a bit of the language, and customs.

Some people worry that by immersing in the other person’s culture, you are separating from your own.  Do not let that be true.  Multiculturalism is multi for a reason.  Spend time celebrating your own culture and the other person’s too and whatever other cultures you fancy.

Most importantly have fun!



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