Love is Unconditional, Valentine’s Day or Not

So you live in the US and your new girlfriend is from India. Back home she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so the day has come and you decided there is no need to get her anything. WRONG!

Don’t you know that every store she has walked in to this week has bombarded her with heart shaped chocolates, pink and red decor, and her favorite M&Ms can now only be found in the pink package.  Do you really think she is not thinking about this day and wondering if you will think to give her something special?

Since it is not her tradition to celebrate this day, you are not expected to go all out. At least I don’t think so.  A simple gesture like flowers, candy, a card with a nice note from you or even a sweet message on a post-it note will make her smile.  Warm her heart for days to come with something thoughtful!  Showing appreciation and love is not conditional to this day only so do this as often as you want.

I am more laid back, so actually this day has come and my husband and I shared a heart shaped donut this morning.  We sometimes take trips for Valentine’s Day, but this year is definitely low key.  I am planning to send a love letter to his email today and we have dinner plans tomorrow, instead of today.  We would rather dine out on a day when everyone else isn’t.

You can try something out of the ordinary, go big or go small. Know your mate’s heart and understand what he or she will appreciate.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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