Ready for a place with fresh minds, hearts, and souls.

Today marks another day to observe Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments that still impact our nation and beyond.  I am asking myself, “What have I done to really make a difference in my community?”  I’m not going to beat myself up on this thought though because every little thing I do is with a choice and as long as I am positive, I am giving light to this world.

We are still fighting for more peace, more diversity, and searching for a better understanding of cultures and races. Obama made a great comment in his last official speech as the POTUS. He said that our hearts must change and that laws will not be enough. I have to agree.  For the purpose of living in harmony, a ton of laws can be put in place to attempt to push people to behave and respect others, but as long as we have a population of people with an unwillingness to open their hearts, we will never have harmony. People need to dig down real deep into their hearts and treat each other as they wish to be treated. It is so basic yet so difficult.

I am so ready for a place with fresh minds, hearts, and souls that walk with love all day long.  If that’s you too, let’s make a promise to spread more love with the words we use and the eye contact we make.



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