Why I Love Yara Shahidi

If you haven’t heard her name before, you may be familiar with her character, Zoey in the TV show, Blackish.  She is spunky, fun, has her own personality and is not afraid to speak her mind both in the show and in real life.

She was born of an interracial couple, her mother is African American and her father is originally from Iran.  Her family is intelligent and seem to have a very close relationship.

I love Yara Shahidi because she is herself. She is not caught up in any games or trying to be something that she is not.  She loves art, education, and activism and uses these to carry out whatever message she needs to.  I like to say she is a good influence for today’s youth. In fact, she is a good influence for all ages.  As you listen to her speak in the video below, I’m sure you will love her too.

Why I Love Yara Shahidi