Greater Things Are Yet to Come

I am seeing more racial tension displayed on the internet. For some reason people who have been hiding their bigotry have decided to create groups and events to talk about white supremacy.  This can’t be happening, but it is.  Diversity is at an all time high, yet we are witnessing these critters come out from the cracks in society and use their voice negatively.  Lovers of all races have to stand up against hate and bring unity in this nation.

It is my hope that as more bigots are revealed, they will have an opportunity to connect with someone that they have offended and learn from them.  The only way for people to change is for them to experience a mind shift, which can only happen through the introduction, understanding and appreciation for our differences. I do believe greater things are yet to come.

I believe diversity will continue to grow and it must!  Let’s all do our share of helping spread wisdom on how we are so different yet so alike and how our differences can bring us together.


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