Rachel Zain from Suits is with Prince Harry

A Royal Interracial Couple

About a month ago, my sister texted me to share a bit of spicy news. Here’s how our text chat went:

Sister:”Prince Harry is dating Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson. How’s that for some news!!!”

Me: Very Interesting.

Sister: (includes the link to a British article and picture)

Me: hmmmm….

Sister: Nice to see that. It shows he has his own sense of self.  Like his mom did.

I did a little surfing on the internet and saw conflicting information. I saw that he was dating the woman who plays Rachel Zain on the TV series, Suits.  So I just said forget this gossip for now.  Let it be.  Then I took a trip and as I was traveling through the Heathrow airport, I grabbed several newspapers before boarding my plane and what do you know… There was the new Royal couple on the cover of a UK newspaper.

Why do I love this? I think it’s obvious, but it means more if I write about it.  I don’t believe anyone is better than others just because they are labeled as royal, however, the Commonwealth still exists and has influence on nations globally. Let me say that it is extremely awesome that Prince Harry is not afraid to go against the norm.

First, he is expected to date and marry someone that is in the same socio-economic status. Second, he is dating a women of color!  We don’t know how far into the future he will take Meghan Markel, but even if it is for a short time, it is a bold statement to the world. I want an interracial relationship and I have no objections.

Go against the norm. Don’t be like everybody else.  Prince Harry is always looked at like a bit of a rebel and now he is looking more like a man with .







Holiday Season Brings Joy

It’s Thanksgiving Day tomorrow in the United States and if you are invited to a friend’s party, hopefully there will be people there that you haven’t met before.  I  always get excited when I am invited somewhere that is new to me. I think about who I will be mingling with and what sort of conversations and important messages will come out of the night.  Part of this is also allowing for the uncomfortable moments to happen freely. Well, at this point, it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable.

If you are single, allow this holiday season to be a time of awakening for you. Take notice of someone who is a little different than you would normally consider dating. Be thankful for the people around you and the people that will be introduced to you.  Have a fresh perspective and be bold to spark up a conversation and see where it leads. You will be filled with surprises.  Let the Holiday season bring the joy to you that you deserve.




Greater Things Are Yet to Come

I am seeing more racial tension displayed on the internet. For some reason people who have been hiding their bigotry have decided to create groups and events to talk about white supremacy.  This can’t be happening, but it is.  Diversity is at an all time high, yet we are witnessing these critters come out from the cracks in society and use their voice negatively.  Lovers of all races have to stand up against hate and bring unity in this nation.

It is my hope that as more bigots are revealed, they will have an opportunity to connect with someone that they have offended and learn from them.  The only way for people to change is for them to experience a mind shift, which can only happen through the introduction, understanding and appreciation for our differences. I do believe greater things are yet to come.

I believe diversity will continue to grow and it must!  Let’s all do our share of helping spread wisdom on how we are so different yet so alike and how our differences can bring us together.

Don’t let the election take you back in time. Get Your Vote on!

There was a time when interracial dating was so unheard of and this sort of dating was not allowed in certain communities.  I’m afraid if Trump is elected as the next President, America is in trouble.  The population of people with varied backgrounds have come together to make this place great and now there is a risk of anti-everything coming out of the dark places that they have been hiding and this can be dangerous.

Even if you do not follow politics and you don’t care to vote, there are basic points that you can consider to get you to make the right choice today. You have just a few hours to get out and make your vote count for humankind.  Are you for love and against hate? Get your vote on…for vote Love.