Grandfather with his granddaughter take my heart

Traveling through New York this week for a couple of cool conferences and I had the chance to meet some interesting people, unexpectedly.  This always happens for me and I suppose it is because I take time to say hello to people, especially when I can sense the person is open to receive conversation.

Today, I met an older Persian man who looked like the classic Baba from somewhere in Iran.  How do I know that…well let’s just say I have been around or seen enough Persians to get a feel for who is from the beautiful land of great Persia.  Anyway, he was probably about 65 years old and he was with the sweetest little two year old named, Rose.  I couldn’t help but speak to them and actually figure out where they are from.  Most importantly, I could see the little girl was biracial, so I had to ask.  I shared a little bit of Farsi and the man was delighted. At least that’s how it felt.  I let him know that my “shohare” (husband) is Persian and that’s why I know the language.  The little girl he was with, is his granddaughter.  I probed for more information because I can be a little nosy sometimes.  I like to call it curios.  I continued with my questions and asked, “does she have another race?”.  He gave me the information I was seeking as he said, “Yes. Her father is Black-American”.  I had so much joy and expressed my excitement.

Here is another example of being open to receive love, give love, and be love.  Another diverse couple has come together to build the generation leading to end racism.




Sharing the interracial intercultural experience to bring people closer together

I love the summer season.  It’s a time when, no matter where you live, people get out more and there are a ton of events happening.  Even the smallest cities, have festivals and outdoor activities to attend.  It is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures.  You might learn something new about yourself in the process.  Perhaps you will be enlightened by something like the Sufi whirl.